Why Melanie?

Is Melanie Meinken the right real estate agent for you?

In consumer advocate articles, there are tips shared to help you find the right real estate agent.  It is suggested that you ask specific questions to choose someone. Because you may know me personally, perhaps it can be awkward to ask these types of questions to me, so I am offering commonly-suggested questions with their answers here for you. I hope this makes things more clear and simple.  Of course, feel free to ask me other questions that you may have.

How long have you been in the business?  I have been a fulltime real estate agent for 22 years.  I practiced from 1979 to about 1993, then homeschooled my three children before returning to the business fulltime in 2010 to the present time.

How many escrows do you close annually?  About one per month.

What geographic areas do you cover?  I work most of Oahu, but team up with another agent specialist if there is a client need on the western side of Oahu, the neighbor islands, or the mainland.

In what type of properties do you work?   I work with residential sales of single family homes, lots, and condominiums on Oahu.   I refer out to specialists for commercial properties, property management, or to specific mainland agents when clients need that geographic expertise.

At what price ranges do you work?  I have recently sold a condominium at $175,000 (yes, in Honolulu!), gorgeous beach side properties, multi-million-dollar estates, multiple-dwelling properties, vacant land, and even boat ramps!   I choose clients based on a team spirit and mutual vision, not upon client price ranges or client experience with real estate.

How quickly will you respond to me and how do you respond?   I am a fulltime agent who is readily available, including weekends and evenings. I like face-to-face meetings, internet, emails, phone calls, texts, DocuSign, whatever is best for the client.  When I am on vacation, I choose another agent to assist us based on client needs.

Who will be my main point of contact?  I am the key contact.  I handle my transactions throughout the escrow period as well, to bring the greatest level of attention, success, and continuity.

As a seller, how will my home be marketed and brought before buyers?  I research fully, use quality photography, staging, the Internet, MLS, advertising, polished fliers, financing options, open houses, personal contacts, and communication to all types of buyers and agents. This is like other top-level agents. However, every listing entrusted to me has sold in a timely manner, and with a satisfied seller since I began in 1979.  SOLD is more than just my car license plate. I am happy to show you the details of my marketing plans as they are beyond the scope of this format.

What about negotiations on my behalf?  I have advanced training in negotiations and continue extensive training in all areas of real estate and technology as needed to keep me up-to-date.  Negotiation is an area of strength and fun for me, continually working to find creative ways to get my clients what they want. I am always learning and strive to improve.  Please see my website endorsements and references.

Tell me about your commission?  Working with a discount agent may sound like a great way to save money, but real estate transactions are very complex. There are 200 or more key decisions to be made in each transaction. Any one of them can derail a transaction if not handled in a skillful and focused manner. I am ready daily to foresee and handle the bumps in the road before, during, and after the sale.  I have access to and solid relationships with other quality professionals and resources to assist clients along the way. I am a problem-solver and I adhere to our industry Code of Ethics.  For this expertise, I respectfully wish to be paid a fair wage.

Do you help a seller with staging?   Yes, I have some basic furniture pieces, lighting, plants, and accessory pieces to help my listings show at their best and I do not charge extra for this.  Clients might also consider purchasing the services of a professional stager if they want more than I can provide.

As a buyer, there is serious competition with multiple offers on the same property. Is there anything you can do to help a buyer with this?  I have many proven strategies to put my buyers’ offers in the front of the line. There is some work involved to do this, and I do not want to reveal my secrets here. Let’s talk.

What sets you apart from other agents? I go “beyond the beyond” to satisfy all my clients.  Trust as a team is paramount to me.  Please see testimonials at my website, www.HomesWithMelanie.com. My personal goal is to provide the highest level of individual service and honesty to each client while I maintain a balanced lifestyle with joy and time for God and family.

Please contact me with your real estate questions.  I’d love to help!